My Standing Desk Project

I keep seeing blog articles for standing desks, so I’ve decided to throw mine out there.

I have made two attempts (so far) at making a standing desk. My first effort involved a wooden bench, which I made out of 1″x10″ pine shelving, and a laptop desk like you would use while sitting in bed. The laptop desk was not wide enough for my keyboard and mouse pad, and offered no space at all for resting my hand or documents.

Standing Desk v1.0

So I got rid of the laptop desk, and made the bench short enough to comfortably type and mouse on it. I found two mismatched monitor stands and put my monitors on them. The monitors are extended as high as they go and still aren’t tall enough.

Standing Desk v2.0

I put felt on the bottom of the legs to prevent scratching the cubicle desk, and I put contact paper, like you put in your cupboards, on top to prevent the keyboard from sliding off. I have my mouse pad on there also.

My biggest constraint is that I can’t alter the existing desk, which is built in to my cubicle. This was my process:

  1. The first step in designing my desk was to measure the distance from my elbow to the desk. That told me how high my desk had to be for good ergonomics. (Your forearm should be parallel to the floor when you’re typing.) My first effort was too high, because I didn’t take into account the thickness of the keyboard. So in my case, the height of the standing desk had to be the distance from my elbow to my cubicle desk, minus the thickness of the keyboard.
  2. Next, I had to decide how wide to make the desk. At first I was thinking it only needed to be as wide as my keyboard and mouse. But the laptop desk showed me that I needed room to the right of the mouse if I wanted to rest my hand, and I needed to room to the left of the keyboard for the same reason, and for documents. I also had originally planned to put both of my monitors on it (as shown in Standing Desk v1.0), so I measured the total width of them when they are side by side, which turned out to be plenty of room for the keyboard, mouse, both arms, and documents.
  3. And finally, I needed to decide how deep (from the front of the desk to the back) to make it. As I said, I wanted to put my monitors on it, too, but I have a couple of monitor stands I scrounged in the office, so they are working OK for now. The current depth is only slightly more than the depth of the keyboard.

The current setup works OK as is, but isn’t ideal. When I’m sitting (and the monitors are adjusted as low as they go), I’m looking up at the monitors, and when I’m standing (and the monitors are adjusted as high as they go), I’m looking down at the monitors. That’s not good ergonomics and definitely puts a strain on my neck and shoulders. When you’ve spent most of your career sitting at a desk, you have to work up to standing all day, so I have to set up and break down the desk often, which is a bit of an annoyance.

For the setup to be perfect, I need:

  • a drafting chair that can I can sit on at the same height as when I’m standing, so I can continue to work without setting up/breaking down the desk or adjusting the monitors
  • a taller stand for the monitors so that the top of the monitor is at eye level when I’m standing

My plan is to search Goodwill and other such stores to find a 30″ x 30″ end table. Then I can cut off the legs to the desired height.

If/when I build Standing Desk v3.0, I’ll let you know how it goes.


One thought on “My Standing Desk Project

  1. I stand most of the day at work. The Anti fatigue mat helps to reduce leg and foot swelling that I was experiencing as a result of standing all day. My feet don’t hurt as much when I get home in the evenings. All my co-workers are jealous and want one of their own.

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