With a “Cute” name, can you take it seriously?

CuteFTP file transfer software by Globalscape has been in the market since 1996. The “Cute” name reflects its beginnings as a consumer product. With the release of the “Pro” version in 2001, enterprises began to rely on CuteFTP for their secure file transfers within the company and with external partners. You might have expected a name change to reflect their “big boy” upgrades, but Globalscape stuck with the Cute name because it was well-known and respected as “the” file transfer product that got the job done.

CuteFTP Lite, intended for home users, hit the market in 2008, but was not as widely adopted as the Home and Pro versions. CuteFTP Lite had all of the power of CuteFTP Pro, but without the complexity and advanced security features. Rather than finding new adopters, sales of Lite took away from sales of Home. For years, sales of the Home version had been taking away from sales of the Pro version, too.

So, for 2012, Globalscape did away with the Lite, Home, and Pro designations and merged them all into one CuteFTP product, version 9. It has all the bells and whistles of the Pro version, but with hundreds of bug fixes, an updated look and feel, localization and Unicode support, and many more enhancements to remind the world that CuteFTP is still going strong.

I’ve been using CuteFTP since 2007 to transfer files to my remote servers. All I need to do is connect to my server, select all of  my files in Windows Explorer, then “drag and drop” them over to my remote server. I can even schedule transfers to occur automatically. Ever upload all of your content and then notice a typo? Instead of re-uploading the whole file, I can edit it right on the remote server. (Then, of course, edit the one on my local hard drive, too.)

CuteFTP is easy to set up and easy to use, whether you’re a grandma with lots of grandbaby pics to upload to your website or a professional technical writer uploading help content. It’s still “Cute,” it’s still home-user friendly, and still has the power and security to attract the big boys.


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