In addition, what’s more, I disagree with that also, too

I often hear speakers say “also, too” in a sentence. Using both words in a sentence is redundant. They are synonyms.

Below are the definitions of “also” and “too,” according to Google:



Notice┬áthat “too” is listed under synonyms for “also,” and “also” is listed under synonyms for “too.”

Other synonyms that often appear in this type of error are “as well as,” “additionally,” “furthermore,” and “in addition.”

For example, this is something you might see in a company press release:

“In addition, he is also the CEO, as well as the president.” “In addition,” “also,” and “as well as” all mean the same thing. It’s redundant. It would be like writing, “Also, he is also the CEO, and also the president.”

You could rewrite that to something like, “Mr. X is both the CEO and the president.”