Bicycle without Pain?

Update, January 21, 2011: I got a new, wider bike seat and tried it out today. My ischial tuberosities are touching down on the padded part of the seat instead of the edges. MUCH better! The seat (or saddle) is the “Large Wide Size Sofa Gel Comfort Style Bike Seat” from

Large Wide Size Sofa Gel Comfort Style Bike Seat

Large Wide Size Sofa Gel Comfort Style Bike Seat

I Want To Ride My Bicycle
I Want To Ride My Bike
I Want To Ride My Bicycle
I Want To Ride It Where I Like
Fat Bottomed Girls They’ll Be Riding Today
So Look Out For Those Beauties Oh Yeah

I just want to ride my bicycle without pain. I’ve tried a variety of seats and seat cushions, but none allow me to ride for any length of time. I often follow my husband on his marathon-training runs, which can last for hours. It has been two days since I followed him on a 13-mile run, yet sitting down still hurts! Bike seats are just not made for fat-bottom girls!

Bike saddle manufacturers seem to assume that everyone who rides a bike is rail thin with 32” hips or less. Those of us who are trying to lose weight aren’t there yet, and we certainly aren’t racing, so we don’t need a narrow racing saddle. What we need is a wider saddle to fit the width of our sit bones. Especially for those of us who have had children—the pelvis widens during pregnancy to accommodate the baby’s head during child birth. My widely spaced sit bones sit on the edges of my so-called women’s saddle. This position is not comfortable for long rides.

Ideally you’ll find a seat with a rear shape that fits the width of your ischial tuberosities…your sit bones. These are the 2 points you feel when sitting on a curb. The right saddle will support and cushion you in just the right spots.

Ischial tuberosity pain is a “common occurrence in bicycle riders [resulting] from the weight on the saddle being born by the ischial tuberosity.” Bicycle shorts do not solve this problem. I’ve tried the ones with padding in the crotch area, but that’s not the area that hurts. Well, that area does get very numb if I wear padding there. The solution, therefore, is a wider saddle. Much wider. Maybe something like this:

mower seat

That’s a seat for a riding lawn mower! Doesn’t that make sense? Something that you’re going to sit on for 2 hours ought to be fully supportive and comfortable. I just need to figure out how I would fit it to the stem that holds the saddle. (Yes, I realize people would point and laugh at me.)

Meanwhile, I’ve ordered yet another bike saddle from that claims to be wide enough even for my widely spaced pelvis bones. I’ll let you know how that works out.